The GRETINA Software Working Group (GSWG) is tasked to plan and coordinate the implementation of software for the 
GRETINA gamma-ray spectrometer. Unlike previous large-scale gamma-ray spectrometers, the performance of GRETINA is contingent on a real-time, software-based signal analysis system which determines the interaction points and tracks the scattering path of gamma-rays in the HPGe detector volume. The goal of the working group is the continued enhancement and improvement of the the software and thus the overall performance of these systems. The three main areas of effort are:
  1. Data sorting and analysis
  2. Signal decomposition and tracking
  3. Detector simulation
We are currently reorganizing the working group and intend to develop this site as a hub for our activities. If you are interested in joining the working group, and contributing to the GRETINA software effort, please contact Mario Cromaz at